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Business Tax

To act with confidence, business leaders and their shareholders require tax guidance they can trust. Doug has been lending his keen insight and steadfast execution to clients for over 20 years. Companies operate on a global, national and local basis, and understanding their perspective is key to providing the right service

Tax Strategies For Every Situation

Taxation means different things to different organizations. For an early stage business generating no profit, the right approach to taxes will provide the proper foundation for future profitability. For a mature business, the government is a major stakeholder in profitability, cash flow and shareholder return. And for companies that cross state and international boundaries, multi-jurisdictional tax issues can create significant planning and reporting needs. I understand these varying perspectives on taxation and tailor my services to each client's unique situation.

Extensive Knowledgebase

My tax practice is comprised of a complete range of tax planning, compliance and consulting services, including in-depth knowledge of state and local taxes, international taxation, sales tax and property tax. Having served a large, diverse and geographically dispersed client base I have amassed a wealth of intellectual capital regarding tax strategies for a variety of situations.

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