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Individual and Family 

For most families, taxes represent one of their largest recurring expenditures and are a significant impediment to wealth accumulation. Doug believes that intelligent tax planning is an efficient means of maximizing cash flow to help people meet their financial objectives. He works closely with you and your advisors to design a customized plan to ensure your finances are structured efficiently and effectively, thus minimizing the amount of taxes you pay over time.


I continuously strive to offer cost-effective choices to those decisions. Simply put, I put the tax laws to work to my clients’ advantage.


A high priority is placed on tax reduction through tax compliance and consulting services. Dougs expertise encompasses many of the tax matters that individuals and families may encounter including the taxation of:

  • Capital gains transactions
  • Private business and shareholders
  • Expatriates and foreign nationals
  • Executives and equity based compensation plans
  • Multi-state taxation
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